Contact and Orders

BontenMaru kits are currently produced by the NEC Net Innovation Ltd., Inc. Each includes all the necessary components. Simple tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers needed for assembly do not come with kits. The current 
price in Japan for a complete BontenMaru kit with the circuit board soldered (Kit A) is 5,250 yen, and 5,250 yen for a complete kit with the circuit board unsoldered (Kit B). This latter requires some additional tools for soldering, which are not provided. An optional ROM Writer, which is used to connect BontenMaru with a computer for loading a program, is also available; its current price in Japan is 2, 650 yen.

BontenMaru kits are not currently for sale outside Japan. But we are working to make them available for overseas orders. Please visit this home page to see the changes.